Work With Me – Essential Oil Giveaway!!!

There is an essential oil craze going on, and I am excited to share it with you!

I am dedicated to sharing Certified pure Essential Oils everyday Uses and Benefits – and helping you learn more about natural, effective health options!

If you are sincerely open to learning about and using pure essential oils and or a simple work at home business enter this giveaway!

This months oil/business Giveaway is your chance at another great kit.  Enter now, for a chance to win the end of this month.  Drawing last day of each month 2018.  Athletes Kit

Each giveaway ends on the last day of the current month.  I will be offering a new giveaway soon, check back often.  The winners will be contacted the next month, to set up appointment.  ONE winner per month.

How to Qualify for entry in this giveaway – You must do ALL listed below to qualify.  You must NOT already be a current wellness advocate with doterra.

1. Join my email newsletter.

2. Tag a friend on social media who may be open also.

3. Comment on social media which kit you would like and WHY?

4. 20 minute mini essential oil class Online with me.

How can I help you?  Are you open to looking at essential oils for your health?  Are you open to a simple work at home business?    Completely fill in the form below with Giveaway in subject line to enter.  Empower yourself and those you care about with essential oil education!

“I had tried essential oils before, thought I must be allergic to them.  Have you ever tried essential oils and didn’t have good results?  When a friend introduced me to this line, I was very reluctant.  She used several oils on me, my thought; I am going home with a major headache.  To my surprise I felt great, what could be the difference?  She said it was the purity and potency of the oils, I have been using them for over 5 years, our family absolutely loves them.  Take time to learn the difference for yourself, you will be sooooo glad you did!

The US National Center for Health Statistics reports that almost half of all adult Americans and climbing, have used some form of alternative or complementary medicine in the past year.  With ever changing health care legislation, and skyrocketing health care costs, more and more of us are looking for safer accessible self-care options.

“I expect that essential oils may someday prove a vital weapon in the fight against strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.”    Andrew Weil, M.D., 1996

If you have found something of value on my site today, please share!   I invite you to Work with me today!

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