What Our Customers are Saying!

I love these essential oils. One night I had digestive issues, was almost in tears. I did some research. I pulled out my peppermint, ginger and lemon. I put a couple of drops of each in 4 oz of water and drank it. Within 5-10 min the burn had subsided and within 20 min it was gone! These Essential oils work!
Sandy R, Idaho
I love using all the different oils. There is an oil for practically everything.
Sandy W, Idaho
We love essential oils at our house. We use eucalyptus when we have breathing issues. We use lemon to diffuse and make us happy. We use lavender for its calming effects. And so many other oils to. We feel we have a healthier home and a happier one because of essential oils.
LaNae W, Idaho
Essential oils have improved my everyday life style! Melanie is very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with! She helps assist in finding which oils will best benefit your needs.
Sammy S, Idaho
When I was learning about the value of using Essential Oils, I took a class from a woman who helped me see the clearer picture – why we should use them. She said to think about cake with frosting on it. Cake represents the vitamins, minerals and herbs we use to build our bodies. Oils are like adding ‘frosting to the cake’ and our regimen becomes more luscious, desirable, satisfying and “complete”. I have experienced this over and over the years working with people. I have seen this transformation in Melanie the woman that signed me up as she partook of the ‘cake with the frosting’.
Rilda L, Idaho
Since using the Onguard protective blend, I have not had the seasonal issues as in winters past. I also use specific oils for my bone issues. My body does not absorb nutrients well; the oils will absorb directly.
Esther S, Idaho
I like to use Cedarwood oil on my face helps keep my skin clear and looking nice. The Deep Blue soothing blend works great after a long hard day at work when your muscles are aching. The Breathe respiratory blend is great for when your nose is all stuffed up, clears you right up. I love these oils.
Kyle D, California
Melanie has a vast amount of knowledge and a strong dedication to teaching people about the many benefits of using essential oils and products. I have used pure essential oils for many years. I love my oils! Thank you Melanie!!
Susan W, Idaho
I use essential oils to keep the kids healthy. Our favorites are On Guard protective blend which we diffuse in our home to help with germs and rub on the kid’s feet when they are under the weather. We also love the lavender to help relax the kids when it’s bedtime.
Ashley H, Montana
I love using the purest essential oils! I always have the Breathe respiratory blend on hand for my kids coughs. The Past Tense tension blend is best to calm my stress and tense headaches. It is a must have in my purse!
Courtney K, Nevada
Clary calm is my go to blend for a restful night. I am not as restless with my covers to keep them on, more than off, if you know what I mean.
Chriss L, Idaho
I have suffered from mood disorders most of my life. At times I felt like it would swallow me whole, I was on several different meds that left me feeling cloudy in my head and extremely tired. I love that there are oils I can rub on that leave me feeling calm and like I can function. The Balance grounding blend and Citrus Bliss Invigorating blend help my mood without all of the bad side effects.
Laressa D, UT
I love using pure essential oils. Protective bombs are awesome and peppermint oil works wonders with my seasonal distress. So many wonderful uses for them!
Michelle H, Idaho
I really like the oils when I feel like I’m getting sick. I can take the Onguard protective beadlets or oil and the next day I feel like I was never getting sick.
Derek H, UT