Essential Oils that relax muscles Essential Oils Relax Muscles

When your hurting you just want something that works fast.  Essential oils relax muscles naturally and are very helpful in soothing the discomfort.  Our family’s go to blend is deep blue rub, it comes in a tube already mixed and ready to go.  Some of the oils found in this rub are peppermint, wintergreen, helichrysum plus others.  Deep blue relaxes sore muscles quickly, my neck is a week spot, so I use deep blue regularly.  My husband loves it for his sciatic.

Roller Bottle Blends

Choose one or a combination of oils from the list below, place 10 drops of essential oils in a 10 oz. or larger roller bottle, fill the rest of bottle with carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, label your bottle, shake then roll away discomfort and hurt.

Essential oils relax muscles

Black Pepper – supports circulatory, sprains, and stiffness

Clove – discomfort for mouth or tooth, use one drop at a time very hot oil

Cypress – supports bruises, hurting wrists, spasms, and hemorrhoids

Eucalyptus – soothes bites, burns, bruises, and sprains

Helichrysum – scarring, bruises, sprains, sunburn, scrapes or cuts

Lavender – sunburn, head or neck tension, soreness, sprains, skin and tissues

Lemongrass – stiffness, inflammation, joint aches, poor circulation, Charley horse, and cramps

Marjoram – aches and spasms, stiffness, strains, and menstrual discomfort

Peppermint – head and neck tension, muscles, and cramps

Rosemary – head and neck aches, and circulatory support

White Fir – swelling, hurting muscles and joints, circulatory support

Wintergreen – cramping muscles, aching joints, bone spurs, head and neck tension

essential oils that relax musclesOur favorite spray for severe hurt – Essential Oils Relax Muscles Blend

4 oz. glass spray bottle, add essential oils to bottle, 4 drops each peppermint, lemongrass, Aromatouch, clove, marjoram, deep blue, oregano, & frankincense plus 1 tsp. carrier oil, fill with water, shake each time you spray.  For topical use only.   Water helps the oils penetrate quicker and deeper.  If it feels to hot on skin after spraying, add a layer of carrier oil on top of the skin to cool it.   Join & Save for a 25% discount on all essential oils and products.  This blend has worked well for many people.  If you try any of these Essential Oils to Relax Muscles, please let us know how they worked for you.  Not to be used in eyes, ears or sensitive areas.

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