essential oils list

Essential Oils List

Singles essential oils – List of Essential Oils and their Uses

Aromatic:  Use essential oil in a diffuser to disperse oils into air, smell or inhale directly from the bottle, place 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand, rub both palms together and deep breathe

Topical:  Apply 2-3 drops of oil to palm and apply to area of concern, dilute hot essential oils with carrier oil, such as jojoba, almond or coconut, use carrier oil when oil feels hot on skin or with skin irritation, do not use water it increases the heat.  My favorite is fractionated coconut oil.  When applying several oils, layer them, apply one at a time, allow to absorb, then apply the next over top.  Some oils can be applied with no carrier oil, and others need to be diluted heavily.  Read the label carefully.

Internal:  Make sure you use essential oils that can be ingested safely, NOT all oils should be used internal, read each label carefully.  You can place oils in empty gel capsule, take a drop under your tongue, apply a drop to the roof of your mouth, apply a drop to a tooth, gargle with one drop added to water, or add 1-3 drops to water and drink.

Cautions:  Use wisdom and common sense when using essential oils & supplements.  Use only the highest standard essential oils that are certified pure therapeutic grade.  Read and follow the labels.  Some oils are NOT safe for children or safe during pregnancy.  Some need to be diluted, and some do not.  Babies and children have very sensitive skin, start with 1 drop diluted in 1 Tbsp. carrier oil.  Hot oils diluted even more.  More on safe uses.   Why I choose doTERRA essential oils!

Single Essential Oils list of uses – support your health 

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Arborvitae Aromatic & Topical ONLY, dilute heavily, NOT for use during pregnancy/breastfeeding – USES: Germ Fighter, immune, environmental/seasonal threats, respiratory, emotions promotes trust & spirituality – Note: contains NO thujone, a toxin found in arborvitae leaf derived oil, this oil is wood derived known as the tree of life. 

BasilAromatic, Topical, Internal, NOT for use during pregnancy – USES: digestive, immune, aching ears, head tension, stings/bites, ease that time of month, culinary, emotions mental alertness & anxious feelings

Bergamot Aromatic, Topical, Internal, avoid direct sunlight 12 hours after use – USES: balancing, mood, mind, physical stress, increase metabolism, cleansing/purifying to skin, emotions calming, uplifting

Black PepperAromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: warming, circulation, discomfort, digestive, nicotine cravings, use for back pressure during childbirth, culinary, emotions anxious feelings

CardamomAromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: digestive, respiratory, muscle spasms, swelling, neck/head tension, emotions energizes

Cassia – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, HOT oil dilute heavily on skin, NOT for use during pregnancy – USES: Germ fighter, Immune, colds, aches/discomfort, digestive, nausea, culinary, emotions uplifting

CedarwoodAromatic, & Topical ONLY – NOT for use during pregnancy – USES: urinary, restful sleep, respiratory, skin/wounds, emotions relax/soothe mind & body

CilantroAromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: digestive, muscles, joints, stiffness, chelation of metal toxins, cleansing/purifying, culinary, emotions energizing, clear mind

Cinnamon – Aromatic, Topical, Internal – HOT oil dilute heavily, NOT for use during pregnancy – USES: immune, healthy metabolic/insulin function, fresh breath, germ fighter, warming, circulation, culinary, boosts brain activity, emotions nervous tension, fear

Clary Sage – Aromatic, Topical, Internal – Use caution during pregnancy, NOT for babies – USES: women’s monthly issues, cramping, hormonal balance, restful sleep, emotions relaxing/soothing

Clove – Aromatic, Topical, Internal – HOT oil dilute heavily – USES: Nicotine cravings, immune, tooth discomfort, thyroid support, healthy blood pressure cardio support, discomfort/hurting, culinary, emotions victim/intimidated

Coriander – Aromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: healthy blood sugar, digestive, energizing, improves appetite, aches/discomfort, emotions uplifting, mental exhaustion

Cypress – Aromatic & Topical ONLY – USES: aches, respiratory, circulation, muscles, tension, wounds/skin/veins, supports pancreas/liver, bed wetting, emotions anxiety/calming

Douglas FirAromatic & Topical ONLY – USES: supports deep breathing and meditation, cleanses, purifies, skin, emotions focus, being positive, grounding

Eucalyptus – Aromatic & Topical ONLY – USES: Sinus support, Respiratory support, spasms, aches, discomfort, emotions energizing, mental alertness

Fennel (Sweet)Aromatic, Topical, Internal, NOT for use during pregnancy or with epilepsy – USES: digestive, hormonal support, promotes estrogen, women’s monthly discomfort, respiratory, may help increase breast milk, emotions lacks desire/responsibility 

Frankincense – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, enhances other oils – USES: supports inflammation & cell regeneration, aches/discomfort, Skin, Immune, respiratory, fades scars, skin issues, emotions mood enhancer, spirituality

Geranium – Aromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: Hormone & liver Support, nausea, PMS support, clear healthy skin, emotions relaxing, anger, sadness

Ginger – Aromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: digestive, upset stomach, nausea, morning sickness, immune, motion/dizzy issues, normal cholesterol support, culinary, emotions feeling defeated

GrapefruitAromatic, Topical, Internal, dilute sensitive skin, avoid direct sunlight 12 hours after use- USES: helps curb overeating, cardio support, sluggishness, assists bowels, symptoms of withdrawl, emotions food disorders/body appearance

Helichrysum – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, AVOID just before and after surgery powerful anticoagulant – USES: called the everlasting flower because of it rejuvenating healthy tissue/skin/scarring/veins benefits, cardio support, nose bleed, emotions trauma/despair

Juniper BerryAromatic, Topical, Internal, use with caution during pregnancy – USES: kidney/urinary support, diuretic/detox support, natural skin toner, air cleanser/purifier, emotions calming/grounding

Lavender – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, use lavender when in doubt of which oil to use – USES: Sleep aid, great for children, relaxing, calming, skin support, insect bites, burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes, emotions tension/irritability

Lemon – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, dilute for sensitive skin, avoid direct sunlight 12 hours after use – USES: Sore throat support, respiratory, Neutralize odors/bacteria, detox support, green cleaning, flavor water, emotions mental fatigue & dizziness

Lemongrass – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, dilute for sensitive skin, pregnancy use sparingly – USES: joint support, bug repellent, supports healthy cholesterol, kidney/urinary/detox support, thyroid support, emotions sadness, fatigue

Lime – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, dilute sensitive skin, avoid direct sunlight 12 hours after use – USES: respiratory, digestive, flavor water, culinary, urinary/detox support, coughs/fevers/colds/sore throat support, emotions memory, energizing

Marjoram – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, use caution during pregnancy – USES: Muscle aches/discomfort, fatigue, tension of head, supports normal pressure of blood, women’s Monthly discomfort, emotions, herb of happiness

Melaleuca – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, also known as tea tree oil – USES: germ fighter, immune, supports sore throat, feet issues/scalp/hair/skin support, cleansing/purifying home surfaces, add to shampoo, emotions releasing negatives

Melissa – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, also known as lemon balm, hypothyroidism use with caution – USES: immune, anxiety, cold sores, respiratory, coughs, heart issues, circulation, sleep, emotions, calming, uplifts mood

Myrrh – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, thick oil may need to remove reducer and use dropper, use with caution during pregnancy – USES: Immune support, coughs/congestion, smooth/healthy skin, thyroid support, soothes emotions

Orange (Wild) – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, avoid direct sunlight 12 hours after use- USES: mood enhancer, detoxing support, Fatigue, digestive/bowel support, culinary, extremely aromatic diffuse often, emotions, promotes happiness

Oregano – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, HOT oil dilute heavily, avoid during pregnancy/breastfeeding – USES: immune, feet/nail issues, warts, germ fighter, Colds, sickness, sore throat

Patchouli – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, thick oil may need to remove reducer and use dropper – USES: immune, fevers, smooth/healthy skin, nausea, fluid retention, emotions, mood enhancer, sadness, tension, low libido

Peppermint – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, use caution during pregnancy/breastfeeding – USES: cooling, digestive, respiratory, breath, joints/muscles tension, head tension, energizing, sinus support, emotions, intense heaviness/ heartache

PetitgrainAromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: cardio support, digestive, immune, cleansing, surface cleaner, emotions, supports nervous system, calming, encouraging, relaxing

Roman Chamomile – Aromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: stings/bites, skin irritations, supports liver & nervous system, emotions, calming, anger, sadness

Rosemary – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, avoid during pregnancy & high blood pressure, NOT for use with epilepsy – USES: respiratory & adrenal support, stimulates hair follicles, head/neck tension, emotions, clear mind/focus

Sandalwood  (Hawaiian) – Aromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: supports inflammation, muscle discomfort, Skin issues, supports pituitary/pineal glands, emotions, stress, concentration

SandalwoodAromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: skin/wounds/scars issues, supports healthy testosterone levels, deep sleep, emotions, relaxing, calming, concentration

SpearmintAromatic, Topical, Internal, use with caution during pregnancy – USES: gentle/mild mint, digestive, respiratory, ideal for children, breath/mouth cleanser, head/neck tension, soothe muscles/spasms, emotions, uplifting

SpikenardAromatic, Topical, ONLY – USES: sleep well, immune, supports inflammation, fatigue, nail issues, cuts/wounds, because of its chemistry it has a plethora of uses, emotions, relaxing, mood elevating 

Thyme – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, use with caution during pregnancy & with high blood pressure – USES: germ fighter, immune, respiratory, aches/discomforts, circulation issues, estrogen producing, reduce fluid retention

Vetiver – Aromatic, Topical, Internal, thick oil may need to remove reducer & use dropper – USES: sleep, skin, focus/concentration, hyperness, muscle/joint issues, emotions, mood elevator, post partum

White Fir – Aromatic, Topical, ONLY, use caution during pregnancy – USES: respiratory, immune, circulation, generational issues, frozen joints/shoulder, supports inflammation, muscle aches/sprains, emotions energizes mind

Wintergreen – Aromatic, Topical, ONLY, NOT for use during pregnancy/breastfeeding, keep away from children who may try to ingest – USES: cools, digestive, supports inflammation, joint/muscle/spasm discomfort, respiratory, bone support, emotions, letting go of control

Ylang Ylang – Aromatic, Topical, Internal – USES: supports hormone balance, libido, normal blood pressure during pregnancy, restful sleep, supports pituitary gland, emotions, mood enhancer, frustration, sadness

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