Hi, there my name is Melanie,  I have been asked this question several times, how do you spell and say doterra?  If you want a chuckle look at how many ways people try to spell DoTerra!  Below is 17 different spellings, do you know any others?

doterr – doterrra – doteera – doterta – doterea – doteraa – dotwrra – do terra – dotarra – d oterra – terra – dottra – dottera – dotira – deterra – dotera – dottera  

In the end the correct spelling is DoTERRA!  What a beautiful name for an essential oils company, a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth”!  Now, how to pronounce doterra?  Doe like a female deer, tear your paper, with a on the end, terra.  DoTERRA!

DoTERRA has a wonderful story, the founders of this company didn’t want just another essential oils company, they wanted essential oils that met a standard like none other.  They have established this standard as CPTG or certified pure therapeutic grade®.  They new the power of essential oils, but wanted this standard to help the consumer be able to choose the finest essential oils that work and were safe to use.  I have used them for more than six years now, this company truly cares about their customers.  They go above and beyond helping each of us learn how to use them as well as how to afford them in our budget.  When you are a loyal customer, you can get over 50% off these amazing oils.

My family and I use doterra because the oils work.  If they didn’t work, we wouldn’t use them.  It is awesome to have an oil to choose from when one of those little inconvenient health issues come up.  Whether its a tummy ache, your head hurts, cramping, or one of those nasty bugs going around.  You get the idea, just your everyday health issues.  We especially love the feeling of having something to turn to in the middle of the night when something sneaks up on you, especially with kids or grand-kids.

Doterra offers a simple home business, that I love!  When the oils work, you naturally talk about them and share them, so why not make a little or a lot of extra money.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like extra income.

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