Copaiba Essential Oil Uses 

Doterra just released Copaiba essential oil at its 2017 convention.  After hearing all of the wonderful essential oil uses, I was excited to try it.   I had neck surgery a few years ago, and of course that is my weak spot, whenever I am under the weather, stressed, it all goes to my neck.  After using it for about one week topically on the back of my neck.  I was surprised at the relief I have felt.  I also loved the mild spicy, woody smell.  It’s not like some other oils that you can’t go out because you smell so strong.  I gave a sample to a friend, she has been using one drop under her tongue, she is loving the oil also.  She has felt her anxiousness is calming.  Join our newsletter, be entered into this months drawing November 2017 for one FREE 15 ml Copaiba essential oil.  

Copaiba oil uses:

  1. Copaiba is a powerful antioxidant, when taken internally it can support your cardiovascular, immune, digestive and respiratory health.  Take one drop under tongue or on roof of mouth.

  2. It can support and calm the nervous system, making it ideal for anxious uptight feelings.  Rub one drop on spine daily.

  3. It can promote a beautiful smooth complexion, and reduce blemishes.  Add one drop to hydrating cream.

  4. Copaiba oil uses also support the liver, rub one drop over liver topically daily.

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