Calm child essential oil blend recipe – calm mother happy child. You know the old saying, when mother isn’t happy nobody is happy. When moms & parents have children that are struggling, it makes it very hard for families to live peaceably. Calm child benefits bring comfort for mothers, fathers, and kids.

At one of our fairs, a mom took a sample of calm child essential oil blend, in a couple of days she called to say “she had to have more, she loved the atmosphere in her home for both her and her child.

How to Calm my child – diffuse in the home, school, or office – apply 1-3 drops to back, down the spine, behind ears, back of neck, or bottom of feet – feet especially good for young children who might rub oils in their eyes or those who dislike the smell. Oils are best used 1-3 drops at a time several times through the day – rather than several drops once a day. Parents and children use and love this blend.

Natural Calm child essential oil blend ingredientsVetiver 85 drops or 1/3 of 15ml bottle, ylang ylang 30 drops, lavender 20 drops, frankincense 20 drops, clary sage 19 drops, marjoram 10 drops, mix recipe in a 15 ml empty bottle, finish filling with fractionated coconut oil.

Calm child essential oil blend – please let me know how this blend works for you, and then share with others struggling.

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