Basil Essential Oil – Ocimum basilicum – Aromatic, Topical, Internal

Essential Oils Uses and Benefits: Digestive & Immune support

  • Apply to bottoms of feet for immune support

  • Apply to back of neck & temples for head tension

  • Diffuse while doing homework for mental alertness

  • Apply to hemorrhoids as needed

  • Apply to front & back of children’s ears for aches & discomfort, do NOT put oils inside ear

  • Apply to insect bites

  • Apply or diffuse for emotional support for fatigue and tension

  • Soothe monthly menstrual discomfort apply to low tummy or one drop under tongue

  • Delicious in cooking

My family and I use basil a lot, especially when someone has an earache.  We apply it to the front and back of the ear, on the bottom of feet or both, several times daily it works great.    Basil is an herbal smell, so if you don’t care for the smell of it or any other oil, the bottom of feet is a great place.  Then put on your socks.  You get the benefit but not the smell.  Kids love it on the feet to.   Basil is great for tummy cramps, we apply it topically to the low belly.   It is also beneficial for sinus, apply to both sides of the bridge of nose and or over the cheek bones and front of ears.  If we have a naggy cough, we use it on the chest, use a carrier oil if you have sensitive skin.  We use it in cooking to, I always add it to the finished product so it doesn’t boil or cook out during preparation.  Especially good in fresh salad dressings.  Use one drop at first you can always add more if needed.

Cautions: NOT for use during pregnancy or nursing, for skin irritation/sensitivity apply carrier oil – my favorite is FCO fractionated coconut oil

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